Farm Pack

What to do with the box?

Our loyal farm pack subscribers always have one thing left over at the end of each week – the box. And the biggest question we get is:
Will you take back the box?

We can’t take back the box, due to food safety issues. (We treat the boxes just like a food product, and when you think of it, you can understand why we wouldn’t reuse them, right?)

So what to do with the box? Here are some ideas:

  • Recycle them (even better, fill them up with recycling and put them at the curb)
  • Fill it with items to take to Goodwill or N.U.T.S.
  • Flatten the cardboard and use as a weed barrier under your garden (make sure to remove the label)

Here are 17 ideas from Bob Vila
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Fill up your farm pack box with clothing to donate to Goodwill or N.U.T.S