Mississippi Farmed

Supporting Mississippi Farm Families

We started with the vision to help Mississippians be healthier and wealthier, by leveraging the natural resource gifts of our great state: our people and our land. Mississippi is blessed with rich, fertile soil - perfect for growing a variety of crops. However, right now, there are few farmers growing vegetables and fruits when compared to the much larger and broader reach of commercial commodity crops like soybean, cotton and milo (sorghum). We believe if we can find ways to support people on small- to medium-sized farms, this will grow our economy and empower communities where opportunities are few and far between.

But, this type of training takes time, patience and know-how.  It’s more than just what seeds to plant at what time of year and when to harvest them. Our work is about connecting farmers to resources to learn how to plan and operate profitable businesses, how to meet the standards of commercial buyers and satisfy emerging federal and state standards for food safety and security.

Your support of the Farm Pack program means that you not only get Featured Mississippi Produce each week, but your purchase helps us invest in Mississippi’s sustainable farming future. The money you spend each week on the Farm Pack helps emerging farmers. That’s the seed you are planting by supporting this program!

So thank you for joining us on this journey to empower Mississippi farm families.