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Farm Packs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Up In Farms?

Up In Farms is a food hub, based in Jackson. It’s the only one of its kind in the state and we’re a startup business. Our mission is to provide support and training necessary to deliver high-quality products on time and at a sustainable price. Up in Farms helps Mississippi’s small- and medium-sized farms meet the standards of commercial buyers, plan and operate profitable businesses, and satisfy emerging federal and state standards for food safety and security.

If you’re doing all of this amazing work, why isn’t everything in the Farm Pack from Mississippi?

We’re in the early stages of helping our farmers. Right now, there aren’t a lot of people farming, even though our state is covered with rich, fertile soil – perfect for a variety of crops. There are some large farms that are growing commodity crops like soybeans and cotton, but we’re looking to help those small- to medium-sized farmers as they grow different crops. We believe this will grow our economy and empower communities where opportunities are few and far between. While we are a “work in progress” we want to make sure you get the most value for your farm pack money, so we supplement our Featured Mississippi produce with items from other states.

How much is the farm pack?
$32.40 each week. ($30 is for the box, $2.40 is for sales tax.) It is a recurring weekly subscription that you can pause or stop any time. There is no “setup fee” to start your subscription.

How will I know what’s in the Farm Pack each week?

We send out a weekly email called “What’s in the Box?” and it details what you’ll be getting each week. We also post that information on our Facebook Page.

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What sorts of produce do you have in the box?

We feature a wide array of Mississippi-farmed produce, but because we don’t have enough farmers to provide consistent variety of that produce, we do substitute with produce from around the country. Our first priority is to support Mississippi farmers, but we also know you can only eat so many greens! So there will be times we add in items that aren’t native to our state – like oranges, white asparagus or honeydew melon.

How much produce are we talking about?

8 different types of produce each week. Is that a lot? It really depends on how much produce you eat, and how often you eat out. If you’re one person and you eat out at every meal, this is going to be too much produce for you. This is often the perfect amount for 2-4 people. If you have a large family who eats a lot of produce, you might want to consider ordering two packs.

That’s too much! Do you have a smaller size?
We only offer this one size at this time, but some of our customers split the box with a friend – splitting both the cost of the produce and the amount they each keep.

Is the produce organic?

Many folks ask if our Mississippi farmed produce is organic. The answer is simple. No. There are very few organic growers in Mississippi, and their products are not always available for our use. But there is nothing wrong with that! The organic designation is an important way to segment the produce market, but it does not tell the entire story. Our local farmers use sustainable practices to grow healthy, vibrant produce packed with nutrients and flavor. At the Up In Farms Food Hub, we are constantly working on the food system distribution chain and making sure safety and freshness go hand in hand. The net result is the ability to get you produce that is grown HERE in our state to YOU on your plate.

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When do you charge my card?
We charge the cards at 3am every Monday morning for the following week. If you’re using a debit card and the funds aren’t in there by 3am, the payment gets rejected, and you won’t have a box. We charge a week in advance to make sure we have enough produce purchased for all of the farm packs.

I’ve been coming for several weeks, and my name has been on the list – why isn’t it on the list now?

It could be a number of things. Did you place your subscription on hold for this week? Did you accidentally cancel it? Was there an issue with your debit or credit card? We charge the cards at 3am every Monday morning, so if you’re using a debit card and the funds aren’t in there by 3am, the payment gets rejected, and you won’t have a box. We do our best to reach out to you to get that fixed before printing the final lists.

I’m going to be on vacation next week, can you place my subscription on hold?
Yes we can, but you can also do that through our self-service portal. We have some handy directions right here. Make sure you place your subscription on hold by 11pm Central Time SUNDAY, otherwise your card will be charged.

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